Basic deck of each issue contains "white" cards. All the properties and effects of these cards are available to any player. In addition to the basic deck of cards, the edition contains a set of trading cards. Trading cards have all the same attributes as white ones, but their effects can be coloured, and the card has an additional icon of House. In total, there six houses, each corresponding to a colour. In the design of the card the colour of its houses is dominated. List of Houses:

Symbol of the house of the Sun
Symbol of the house of the Sun, card decoration colour - yellow.
Symbol of the house of Night
Symbol of the house of Night, card decoration colour - black.
Symbol of house of Water
Symbol of house of Water, card decoration colour - blue.
Symbol of house of Fire
Symbol of house of Fire, card decoration colour - red.
Symbol of house of Nature
Symbol of house of Nature, card decoration colour - green.
Symbol of house of People
Symbol of house of People, card decoration colour - magenta.

Players come to the match with their collection of coloured cards. The match consists of several rounds. Before the beginning of each round, the players take turns choosing the colour with which they will play. One colour can be played only be one player. After that, in a set turn, each player replaces one white card from the deck to the card of the same suit and rank, but of the selected colour from his collection. Amount of cards replacement circles (that is, how many cards of his colour each player will put into the deck) is determined by the conditions of the match. At the end of the round, coloured cards from the deck are returned to their owners. In each subsequent round of the match, colour selection and cards replacement circles are began by the player next in turn.

During the game, the colour owner can use the individual effects of any opened card of his colour, having paid the cost of the effect. Cards of another colour can be used as the white cards of the basic deck, but the colour effects are not available in this case.

Colourful effects of the card are not considered dead for players using another colour, but these effects are not activated automatically and cannot be activated by such players. Colour features are not activated automatically as well when you open the card, but can be activated at any time by the colour owner.

Suit, rank and profession of the card are always available to any players.